Folklore, History & the Study of Myth

The Writings of Gary R. Varner

My Publishing History

My titles by date: Sacred Wells: A Study in the History, Meaning and Mythology of Holy Wells & Waters 2002 (second edition August 2009 by Algora Publishing) Water of Life Water of Death: The Folklore and Mythology of Sacred Water 2004 (out of print-Second edition released 2010 as Water From the Sacred Well; Menhirs, Dolemen and Circles of Stone: The Folklore and Magic of Sacred Stone 2004; The Mythic Forest: The Green Man and the Spirit of Nature 2004; Strangely Wrought Creatures of Life and Death: Ancient Symbolism in European and American Architecture 2006; The Dark Wind: Witches and the Concept of Evil 2006; Creatures in the Mist: Little People, Wild Men and Spirit Beings Around the World - A Study in Comparative Mythology 2007; The Roots of Witchcraft 2007; Mysteries of Native American Myth and Religion 2007; The Gods of Man: Gods of Nature - God of War 2007; Maria Lionza: An Indigenous Goddess of Venezuela 2007; Hecate - The Witches' Goddess 2007; The Use and History of Amulets, Charms and Talismans 2008; Gargoyles, Grotesques and Green Men: Ancient Symbolism in European and American Architecture 2008; The Owens Valley Paiute: A Cultural History 2009; Ancient Footprints: Cultural Diffusion in Pre-Columbian America 2010; Charles G. Leland - The Man and the Myth (2nd edition) 2010; The Sword and Dagger in Myth and Legend-new edition May 2011; The Folklore of Faeries, Elves and Little People--A Study of a Cultural Phenomenon 2012; Ethiopia: A Cultural History of an Ancient Land 2012; Portals to Other Realms: Cup-Marked Stones:  Prehistoric Rock Art 2013; Remembrances of the Dead: Graveyard Art and Symbolism 2013; and The Ancient Religion and Beliefs of Ethiopia 2014