Folklore, History & the Study of Myth

The Writings of Gary R. Varner

Folklore and mythology are more than childrens tales. John Bierhorst wrote "myths are what others have, we ourselves have scripture or 'history.' Myths have been used to transmit oral history, natural phenomenon, to tell of important people--they are based on fact and are as important and valid as any "history" we fill our libraries with today.

My books attempt to show how universal these myths are, how valid folklore is from one country and people to another. They are all based on universal themes that describe how people have lived, thought, worshipped, feared, waged war with both man and demon, viewed the world and the cosmos and gone on to the Underworld. These beliefs and histories must not die but must be kept alive. They are at once common and uncommon, natural and supernatural. Through my writings you will be exposed to the beginnings of religion, and the continued practice of witchcraft andthe fearof superstition. You will also read about some of the most fascinating creatures that may, at one time, have actually existed in some manner. These creatures include giants and fairies, sea monsters andmermaids, demons and the gods of nature. I am continuously fascinated with symbolism as well and have spent considerable time in exploring those ancient symbols that can still be found on contemporary buildings and in our cemeteries.

Please check in often as I am, as one of my publishers noted, a rather prolific writer and have several books going at any one time. You are invited to email me as well at I will also post items of interest here under "Press Releases". These items are not necessarily about me or my books but may be about important issues facing all people today--from religious freedom, war, the environment, etc. Please take a moment to check these out when you can.

I have started to add some of my most popular articles on folklore and mythology to this site. The first collection is about the Green Man and can be located on the index above.I will also be adding pages on Native American mythology, cultural diffusion and, my favorite, Gargoyles. Please stop in and enjoy!

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