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The Sword and Dagger in Myth & Legend


Category: History

Description: A small book packed with the history and lore of the sword. Profusely illustrated, The Sword and Dagger in Myth & Legend explores the origins of the sword, its history from the bronze and iron ages to the modern day. It also explores such legendary and mystical weapons of Excalibur and the Durendal, swords which belonged to King Arthur and the hero Roland, El Cid’s sword Tizona, Kusanagi from Japan and Mohammad’s sword Zulfiqar. It also examines a real sword in the stone still existing in Tuscany, that of St. Galgano. This is a book for everyone interested in folklore, the history of weapons and the common themes of legend. Gary R. Varner is a member of the American Folklore Society and has written a number of books on ancient sites, ritual and history.

Publisher: OakChylde Publications/LuluPress Inc.

Copyright Year: © 2011

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